Friday, January 24, 2014

Farmer's Wife Friday 4

I was so excited when I saw this week's Farmer's Wife blocks. Finally I got some easy ones. I thought the math was fairly basic and happily cut and sewed away at my blocks. I couldn't believe it when I finished two blocks in an hour. Then I had the heartbreaking moment when I went to trim my blocks and found that finished at 5.75". After taking a break I made a second attempt and felt a bit like Goldilocks. This time my block was too big. I finally gave up and printed the templates from the book. Turns out the reason I was having so much trouble with the block is because the center block finishes at 2 and 1/8". After using the templates I salvaged the block that was too big and made the second block in 50 minutes! However since I spent 2 hours 40 minutes working on this quilt before getting my finished blocks that's what I'm adding to my counter.

#58 Mother's Dream

#77 Seasons

I've decided to save the blocks that look good, but are the wrong size. I'm not sure what they'll become, but I'm sure I'll find some project for them.

10/111 (I've hit double digits! Whoop whoop!)


  1. When I did my farmer's wife I used templates. Of course I was a new quilter then and did not know any other way.