Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blue Gloves

The reduction of WIPs on the quilting front continues. My hope is to have four finished quilts by the end of February. (That sounds impressive but one top is basted and is going with me to Saturday's workshop and two are heading to a long armer this weekend so really there's just the mystery quilt to finish.) Unfortunately this means there hasn't been much knitting going on around here. 

These little gems keep working their way out of my bag. It's so nice to be able to knit on something small that actually lets you see progress without the trick of multicolored highlighters.

I got a set of highlighters for the green sweater. I was only able to find a set of 6 colors, so I think yellow will be assigned to two days. There were lots of questions about the pattern I used for my green sweater last week. Sorry for not responding, but things got away from me. I'm going to try and start linking to my ravelry pages every week so you can easily see the pattern and yarn I'm using and find other posts about the projects. There's no visible progress on the green sweater so I'm not sharing a picture of it this week, but here's the link to the ravelry page though if you want info on the pattern: Fogarty Creek Blazer.


  1. Amazing gloves!

    Here's my WIP: