Friday, January 17, 2014

Farmer's Wife Friday 3

This week I told two people about my plans to make the Farmer's Wife quilt this year. Both of them questioned my resolve to do two blocks a week this year, however I was a little surprised when they questioned why I was going to take so long to make this quilt. I should point out that one of them is a very talented seamstress and the other is an extraordinary quilter who works at my LQS. (She's the one who taught the drunkard's path workshop that allowed me to make my penguin quilt and is a huge cheerleader for me.) I think I had both of their voices in my head this weekend when I decided to celebrate my fabric purchases by making the two blocks I skipped in addition to the two blocks I was already planning to make this weekend. I now understand why I decided to give myself a year to make this quilt. I spent an hour and a half making Century of Progress block Saturday and six and half hours on Sunday making the other three blocks.

I paper pieced this block. I really hate paper piecing, but I think it was the best choice for this block. I wish my centers would have matched up a bit better, but overall I like this block enough to keep it.
#18 Century of Progress

I really feel like my HSTs are getting better. I need some more practice, but it's exciting to see improvement.

#51 Hovering Birds

When I started this quilt I knew there would be weeks I'd do extra blocks. I should have stuck to my plans of doing simple blocks on those extra weeks. There was a lot of seam ripping and some choice squirrel words used in the making of these blocks. (I find squirrel noises much better at stress relief than swear words and you don't have to worry about who might over hear you.)

#79 Silver Lane

The last block I worked on this weekend was Country Path. Most of the squirrel words were used trying to figure out the stupid corner units. I ended up simplifying the block and making solid white triangles in the corners. The block is slightly smaller than 6.5" so I haven't trimmed it, but with a scant quarter inch seam on my sashing it should be okay.

#24 Country Path

Farmer's Wife 8/111


  1. It takes me months to get a single quilt put together! That is what happens when you have obligations other than quilting. All your blocks look great and I really like the colors you have chosen. Keep plugging away at it. It will be a beautiful piece of art when you are done.

    1. You should see the quilt tops I have laying around my house in various states of progress. I'm not sure things would get finished if it weren't for my quilt guild's annual show in May.

  2. Boy, can I understand what you are going through. I am in the process of making the 20 vintage blocks from the Vintage Quilt Revival book. ll by 5 of them require paper piecing and it is killing me. I make so many errors and rip and rip and rip again. It will take me an entire day and into the night to make one block. I think you are doing great and look forward to following your progress. There is such comfort in numbers when it comes to things like this. Good luck with your future blocks. genie

  3. I love the Vintage Quilt Revival and their sampler quilt. Some of those blocks look really complicated though. Good luck with your quilt and thanks for stopping by.

  4. I see so many pretty Farmers Wife blocks. I like your neutral pallet.

  5. I just love the Country Path block! I wish I had audio of the squirrel noises you use in place of cursing. I could really use a viable alternative - not that I curse frequently, but when I do, I'm afraid I really let it all out! LOL. Lovely blocks!