Monday, January 13, 2014

Fabric Sale! Woot Woot!

My LQS had a 20% store wide sale this weekend. How do you possibly pass up something like that? I found some awesome grey fabrics for my Farmer's Wife quilt and got another yard of white. (I have 6 yards of black that I bought for another quilt and am pretty sure I'll have lots of leftovers on that one so I didn't get any more black.) I might start using the medium grey in a few blocks to add a little more variety. The dark grey fat quarter is for the four blocks that are made with five colors.

Recently I got a copy of Vintage Quilt Revival and am loving the patterns. There are a lot of projects that I'm dreaming about. I fell in love with the Crosspatch Bag as soon as I saw it. In the book Lee Heinrich makes it with grey, yellow, and white, but they aren't colors I wear very often. I thought about using grey as the background and just swapping out the yellow, but I'm using so much grey in the FW quilt I wanted to branch out a little so I decided to use blue as the background and green in place of the yellow. I wasn't able to get sew in medium weight interfacing so it might be a while until I get to this bag, but you can bet I'll share pictures after I make it.

Finally I decided to splurge and get a second charm pack of Bits and Bobbins to match the one I got from one of my guild members for Christmas. Not sure yet what this will be, but it's easier to do something with two charm packs instead of one. 


  1. Bobbins and Bits is such a cute line.

  2. Isn't it fun to collect fabrics you love for projects you will adore when done.... that quilt AND that bag.... the pic didn't show though ... will be nice based on the fabrics you chose... looking forward to seeing more farmers wife blocks... so happy you decided to take this project on and making it because your sweet hubby gave you the book! Majorly awesome :) Thanks for sharing! Glad you had fun shopping... love that Bobbins and bits too btw! Kathi

  3. Oh I love those blues and greens! So pretty!

    Stopping by from Lee's hop

  4. Hooray for fabric sales! I really like those greys. And those blues and greens are one of my all time favorite palettes, can't wait to see how your project turns out!