Monday, April 28, 2014

Yarn Along

This past week has been super crazy. I've been busy working, but can't share any real pictures other than this one. That bowl contains the trimmings from the blocks I had to square up, and the thread of 120 blocks that I sewed backwards. I'm going to paraphrase a quote from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka Yarn Harlot) that's been running through my head this weekend. "The only difference between experience and novice is that the experienced person makes bigger mistakes faster." If I wasn't so confident I would have checked my first block against the pattern and would have discovered that I was sewing it together backward. Instead I glanced at what came out of the machine, saw that it resembled what I remembered the finished quilt to look like and plunged ahead. (I'll explain later why calling it "creative license" wasn't an option with this quilt.)

My plan for this week had been to share my finished Mystery Quilt today, my usual yarn along post on Wednesday, and 2 Farmer's Wife blocks on Friday. Because of the massive amount of unpicking I had to do wind storm we got I wasn't able to finish take pictures of the Mystery Quilt. Things are settling down so I should be able to finish attaching the last two sides of the Mystery Quilt tonight and will be able to photograph it tomorrow after work. I might even be able to sew a Farmer's Wife block one of these evenings and will have something to share on Friday. If everything goes according to plan (it's early in the plan phase, please don't point out how many ways things can go wrong with this plan) Wednesday's post will feature Mystery Quilt and I'll make my April deadline for a lovely year of finishes. Since quilts are taking over Wednesday's post I'm sharing my yarn along post today.

I finished the increase section of blueberry and just have another inch of regular knitting before I start the shoulder shaping. I can't believe I seriously thought I could knit this entire sweater for the ravelympics. I'm not sure how those knitters finish a sweater in two weeks (or even those who do the sweater in a month thing in November.) Maybe one of these years I'll set a goal of learning to knit faster. For now though I'm going to stick with the idea that knitting is a hobby and hobbies should be enjoyable. The sweater will be finished before fall and that will be good enough for me.


  1. lovely color for a sweater :) I'm a seasoned knitter and still make mistakes and sometimes I make the mistake to try to fix a mistake instead of ripping which is always a time saver.

  2. That's going to be a beautiful sweater once it's done, and why rush? I absolutely agree about the hobbies being fun philosophy.

    Much sympathy on the unpicking front. That's such a horrible feeling, when the thing just has to be undone and there's no getting around it. Good luck finishing things off!

  3. Nice work on your beautiful blue sweater - I agree, take your time and enjoy!

  4. So sorry about the quilt. I know the pain of picking apart quilt blocks. Ugh. Your sweater is beautiful and yes hobbies are supposed to be relaxing and fun with no deadline and stressed.