Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finding Balance

I've done a lot better this week at finding balance. I've chosen one time of the day that I play the video game and the rest of the time I focus on things like knitting, reading, and quilting. I'm not done with the 6 round increase section, but I have finished 7 of the 12 rounds. I knew when I set the goal of 72 rounds in a week it was a bit lofty so I'm still very happy with the progress made this week.


  1. Finding balance is a struggle for me. Glad to hear that you are finding balance for yourself. Found you from Tami's!

  2. I struggle with reading the blogs I enjoy, like yours, and actually getting to my cross-stitch, quilting, crocheting etc. Setting some lofty goals usually helps.

  3. That's a gorgeous shade of blue :)