Thursday, April 24, 2014

For Mom

There are a lot of things that my mom is great at. I think I get a lot of my creativity from her (someday I'll have to share pictures of the amazing dresses she made my sister and me for Christmas and Easter.) Unfortunately technology is an area that continues to challenge her. She's been following my blog via facebook, but something has happened that's preventing her from logging in. I'd offer to help, but she lives several hours from me and I've also inherited her technological skills so I won't be any help.  Since she's still wanting to follow my blog I've added the option of following my blog by e-mail.

If you want to follow my blog through e-mail look to the right --->. Scroll down past the "About Me" and "Craftsy Patterns" to the followers section. You'll see options for Google Followers, Followers, Follow this blog with Bloglovin', and Follow by Email. Put your e-mail address into the box and click submit! I've never done this before so I can't tell you if new posts will be sent to your inbox or if you'll get a link telling you that there's a new post.

I love having followers so please let me know if there's any other networks you'd like me to add to my side bar. Since a post feels very incomplete without pictures here's some flowers for mom.

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