Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Still here

I've finished the secretive quilting project so my posts should go back to a more normal schedule. Since we use my sewing machine cabinet as our computer desk my husband and I haven't been online much the past week or two. Turns out that one week of internet silence results in a phone call to confirm life. I'll try not to do that again (or at least give warning the next time it happens.) I've actually had some time to work on knitting this week. The sleeve still isn't done, but it's getting closer.

I think part of the reason why the sleeve isn't done is because I've been distracted by Hermione's Socks lately. I realized that Father's Day is coming up about a month away and I really need my sock needles. Since I learned to knit socks I've started a tradition of making socks for my dad. I have yarn and a pattern picked out for dad's Father's Day socks, but all of the needles that are appropriately sized for me to make socks have yarn on them. I just need to finish the foot and toe and will be done with the first Hermione sock. It's not the order I like to do things in, but since there's a deadline I'll probably knit a pair of Father's Day socks before this little one gets a mate.

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  1. All projects still looking great! And in very cheerful colors too I might add!