Sunday, May 11, 2014

Farmer's Wife 17

I'm so excited for the Blogger's Quilt Festival to start on Friday. Since I'll be posting quilts for the festival on Friday I thought I'd share my Farmer's Wife progress. I got started on three blocks this week. After fighting with these blocks for almost five hours (during which one of the blocks may or may not have learned how to fly across the room) I decided it was time to stop.

I started cutting this block out a few weeks ago. Because of the odd triangles I decided to use the templates. Of course one of the templates decided to hide with the white fabric triangles. After printing out another copy the missing template turned up. I think I messed up the seam allowance on the lower right corner. I'm hoping if I remove this and resew it everything will be okay. I was so frustrated with this block when I discovered this mistake though I chose to teach the block to fly rather than rip it out.

#22 Corn and Beans

I used templates to cut out the angled bits on this block. I love how the basket looks, but I made a cutting error on the base. After taking a break from it I can see now that this one will be easily fixed when  I recut the rectangles. (I know I probably should do today, but my knitting isn't fighting with me today so it's getting some much needed love.)

#8 Bouquet

The last block I worked on today I'm rather happy with. Strangely enough this is the one block that I rotary cut instead of using the templates. The points aren't perfect, but considering the other two blocks I can live with a little imperfection.

#65 Peaceful Hours



  1. I remember those frustrating moments with my Farmer's Wife quilt. In the end it turned out really great even if all the blocks were not 6.5 inches.

    1. Thanks. I keep reminding myself that the setting I've chosen leaves room to add extra fabric and then trim the blocks so they're all the same size.

  2. ooh I love the corn and beans block!

    Stopping by from Lee's hop

  3. I'm doing the FW as well ... it's both fun and frustrating! Love that you are using monotone colours. It will end up being a really striking quilt :)

  4. Huzzah for you for keeping on with the cutting and sewing! I've heard those blocks can be very tricky and I really like the way yours are turning out. Well done!

  5. I hear your frustration, but persevere! Your blocks are fabulous.