Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stash Building

The moose are still wandering the wild. According to the tracking page they're circling Iowa (since last Wednesday they've been spotted in Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota.) Thankfully the yarn I ordered during Knit Picks' sock yarn sale didn't have anything with legs in the package and took a more direct route to my door. I'm not quite sure if it's a good sign that I was bragging to my husband about resisting a yarn sale and he asked why. Since my husband is such a great enabler I took that to be a sign that I needed to order more yarn immediately. (If you're interested, the sale is going on until March 24.) Of course I couldn't pass up the free shipping Knit Picks offers on orders over $50 so there was a lot of yarn that got squished into the box. 

First up I got two skeins of yummy Stroll Hand painted in Hayride and Lullaby. I was a little surprised by the Hayride. The picture on their website shows much darker greens and shades of rusty orange and burgundy. The yarn that I got has much lighter greens and pinks and purples. It's still beautiful yarn, but I think it will become a pair of socks for me rather than my husband. One of my favorite sock pattern books is Sock Club Knitting. I think I'm going to use the blue yarn to make the Ariel Socks from this book. 

I've heard rumors that Knit Picks is discontinuing the Felici yarn line. I'm really hoping they're just discontinuing this year's colors and new colors are coming in soon. Either way while I was sick I discovered that my comfort knitting is a basic vanilla sock. The self stripping pattern in Felici makes it the perfect yarn for vanilla socks. I ordered three pairs in more masculine colors so I can make some more "guy" socks for my husband. (Colors are Maple Leaves, Shamrock, and Lighthouse.)

Of course I had to order some Felici for myself. (I chose Spring Mix and Splash.) I even found this awesome pattern on Ravelry for toe-up knee high socks so I can use all of this delicious yarn.

I also remembered that I've started a tradition of socks for Father's Day so I ordered something in case I decide to make dad another pair of socks. It's hard to tell from the picture, but there's little flecks of blue mixed in with the black. I'm thinking this would be a good yarn for the Yarn Harlot's Old Joe pattern. 

*Disclaimer: Knit Picks did not sponsor any part of this post.
I love their products and can't help but to talk about what I love. 

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