Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweaters are Not Books

When I was little I would hit a point in a book where I knew I would be up until it was done. The Harry Potter books were the worst. I would usually hit that point with somewhere between 100 and 200 pages left. Those were some really late nights. Even now I find myself staying up late occasionally when I find a really good book. Unfortunately that is not the case with the green sweater. I'm trying to focus, but it's really hard. I think at least once a night my husband is reminding me that I need to knit. Currently I just need to cast off the back, knit the other back shoulder, and bind the shoulders together. Then of course I need to knit the collar and sew in the sleeves and collar, and sew on the buttons. 

The buttons have their own story going on. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I found these really cute moose buttons on Knit Picks website. Knit Picks was great and had everything shipped very quickly. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's a good idea to release moose into the wild and not expect them to wander. (For those not familiar with Knit Picks US shipping policy they ship using smart post. FedEx takes the package to the nearest post office and the post office takes it those last few blocks to my door.) The moose appeared to be following a logical course from the warehouse in Ohio to the post office in Boyden and there they sat. Our postal carrier doesn't seem to like Smart Post so it usually takes a few days before he decides to put it on the truck. It doesn't pay to complain because then it will just be longer that he holds your moose hostage so I did my best to be patient. A week later and there are still no moose buttons. Late last night my husband checked the tracking page and my moose have decided to go for another trip. For some reason they've gone from Boyden back to Kansas City. We have had some winter weather lately. (The Tuesday they supposedly arrived in Boyden we had a fairly bad snow storm.) My husband and I are wondering if something got scanned wrong and the moose have been wandering the country for the past week. I'm interested to hear the stories they have to tell when they finally arrive, but I've heard rumor that what happens in the box stays in the box. At least they were sent out with some flowers for the blue sweater so I know my moose won't get hungry.


  1. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh about your "moose" story. I do hope that they find their way home soon. I live out in the country in central Wisconsin and I think that our mail lady picks and choses which days she feels like delivering the mail.

  2. Too funny! I had my first experience with that shipping method. I guess my PO doesn't like it any better because the track info kept telling me the sweater was in town, but it never showed up at my house. 3 days later it arrived. Not sure what the point is if the PO drops the ball so bad.

  3. Kymberly...thanks for the visit to my blog, and I am glad you are in favor of more chickens on the back. My 43 year old son is gonna cluck will glee when he sees it. So you are a knitter, too, but that story is a nightmare. Glad you have such a great sense of humor. I loved reading your story. Hope they REALLY get hungry and arrive at the dinner table before too much longer.