Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Finish of the Marathon

So my marathon of finishes has been interrupted by an unplanned illness. I don't think things will get finished in time to meet my original goal of two weeks, but I'm still chipping away at the pile. I will admit I make a horrible patient. I hate sitting still even when I don't have the energy to do anything. I've been able to focus most of my restlessness into a basic sock (I'll share that on Wednesday.) These gloves were past the complicated cables so I've also been working on them off and on this week.

I started these gloves in December, but have mostly been focusing on my green sweater so they've taken a while to finish. I think if these were my only project they'd finish really fast and will be a great pattern to keep in my repertoire for gift knitting. The pattern is Fingerless Gloves from Lion Brand Yarn. I used Imagination from KnitPicks (sadly they don't make this yarn anymore.) I still have a ball and a little left from these gloves so I'm thinking about making a matching cowl. It's such a beautiful yarn I don't want any of it to go to waste.

Special thanks to my husband for doing today's photography. 
It's really hard to take pictures of your own hands.


  1. Lovely gloves! Must be lots of fiddly work to do all those little fingerlet parts! Hope you're better soon.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! Aren't husbands useful? :)

  3. Darling mitts. Hope you get better. I have been low with a cold all week and my knitting has suffered too!