Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Introducing Blueberry

It would seem that the saga of the moose buttons should be over. Today they finally found their way to my mailbox. Unfortunately I didn't realize what a difference 1/8" would make. The pattern calls for 3/4" buttons. I figured the moose were 5/8" so it should be close enough. I think if they were 7/8" it would be fine, but I find myself questioning if they're too small for this sweater. Equally frustrating the flower buttons I ordered for Blueberry (more on that in a moment) are 3/4" and feel too bulky. It looks like the flowers might work for the green sweater and I have time to find something daintier for Blueberry. Really there's no deadline for the green sweater so I have time to think about whether I want to use the moose, the flowers, or search for something different. I had trouble getting decent pictures, but the one on the left gives you an idea of size and the picture on the right gives a close-up of the flower and moose buttons.

In happier news I've finally cast on Anne's Cardigan. I tend to give my sweaters working names (i.e. Purple MonsterBrown Blob, and Green Sweater.) Most of them get named when I shout something out in frustration. I've decided to start this sweater on a more positive note and so it's been named Blueberry. I always start out loving my projects and then get bored or run into problems. I remember how excited I was when I started the green sweater. I'd spend several months working on an oatmeal colored sweater with a basic cable. I loved the rich forest green and all of those fun cables. By the end the thing seemed dull and a bit fiddly. (Give me the right buttons, a good blocking, and a couple weeks and I'm sure I'll be in love again. It really is a beautiful sweater.) 

I'm ready for spring. I absolutely love this color (Knit Picks stroll tonal in Blue Yonder.) It reminds me of the warm blue that returns to the sky in the spring. The pattern is pretty easy so I'm hoping to finish Blueberry in time to wear her this spring. My workplace tends to over use the air conditioner so I'm sure this lightweight sweater will get lots of use. The one thing I see as a potential problem is the needle size. The pattern calls for US5, but after doing a swatch I needed US2 to get gauge. I decided to knit a sleeve as bigger test, and so far the size 2 needles are creating the right size sleeve. Normally I'm spot on with gauge so having to go down three needle sizes is nerve wracking. (I'm using the suggested yarn from the pattern and it looks like most of the ravelry people got gauge with the needles called for, but a common complaint is that the sweater is too big. Not really sure what's going on.)

I've also been working on my second orange sock. I took this with me to my quilt guild meeting last night and had so much fun with the meeting I forgot to pay attention to how long my sock was getting. I was so annoyed to get home and realize I'd knit half an inch more than I did for the first leg. At least it was a pretty fast frog and I'm back on track now.

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  1. I think bigger buttons, but that's because I love buttons!! But I would say the flower buttons look too big for the daintiness of the Blueberry. Hard to tell until that one is done though. Beautiful all.