Saturday, June 1, 2013

SPQG 2013 Quilt Show part 2 (and some sneak peeks)

This is the second half of my pictures for the quilt show. (There were many more beautiful quilts, but if I share everything I'll be posting quilt show pictures all year.)

It's hard to tell in the picture, but lots of the accent pieces have touches of color. 

Not Quite Black and White by Natalie Brummel

Virg made this quilt when her brother retired from the Post Office. It honors his years as a mail carrier and his military service in Korea. 
(This quilt won member's choice.)

May America Always Be Free by Virg Oordt

Mary graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing this year. 
She made this quilt to hang in her exam room. 
Dragonflies in the Office by Mary De Young

This is one of the quilts from our Winter Workshop. 
Dancing Daisies by Mary Zagaeski

These are three of the challenge quilts this year. In order to encourage people to vote for the best quilt rather than their family or friend's quilt these are unlabeled aside from their voting number. 

(Out of the Box was my entry into this category.)

Finally here's a sneak peak of this summer's year's new quilts.
The first time I saw Comma I knew it would be perfect for my husband. After talking with him he came up with the name "Writer's Block" and I've come up with a pattern to match the name.

I'm joining Kathi from Design Originals by KC for her hand quilt along. This is going to be a memory quilt in honor of my puppy. I plan on machine piecing blocks from the light fabric and then hand appliqueing paw prints with the rainbow blocks.  


  1. Love all the quilts you showed including the writers block you are creating. I want to make a puppy quilt for our dachshund... can't wait to see how you applique the dog feet on.. how cute as a memory quilt... what was your puppy's name??? Also love the neutral back ground so those puppy feet will pop!

    1. My puppy was named Niedlich (pronounced Need-lick.) She was a white a tan fox terrier-jack russel terrier mix so the background colors will match the colors of her coat.