Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dragonfly Wings part 1

I’m so glad I decided against using this yarn for the Omelet shawl. The colors of this yarn would have competed with the intricate lacework of Omelet and both would have been lost in the fight. Dragonfly Wings has been the perfect pattern. I was a bit worried when I saw that the pattern was 7 pages long (I've had sweaters that were shorter than that) but after reading the pattern I saw that the designer wrote out instructions for every row. Since the rows follow logical steps of increases, garter, and straight knitting I haven’t been tied to the pattern, but it has been nice having every row (especially how many stitches should be on my needles after every row) written out for me. 

There’s not much to show right now since the shawl is in the blob stage of knitting. Hopefully I can finish sometime this week and block it over the weekend. I’ve been surprised at how quickly this has knit up. Dragonfly Wings uses 400 yards of yarn so I think this pattern might go into my library of gift ideas. I love the idea of a gift that can use a skein of stash sock yarn and be done in less than two weeks.

The yarn is Schaefer Yarn in Heather colorway. 
It's a merion/silk/nylon blend that is super soft and comfy to work with.


  1. It looks like you have a good start! I bet it is going to be very pretty! :)


  2. I think I would be a bit put off by a 7 page pattern too! I love that yarn, interesting colourway.

  3. Oh, how lovely! what a long pattern! Good to know about it however and it is not to be daunting :)

  4. I agree! I went through a phase of buying yarn that has colors in it and now I think twice before using it because of the lace detail competing with the colors! Love the knit!