Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blue Socks

I think I'm finally starting to recover from this spring's allergy attack. It's such a miserable thing when winter finally ends and all of the bare branches and empty flower beds burst forth with life. It makes me want to run around singing that the hills are alive with music and then suddenly the music stops and I find myself in a movie where the hills are just alive.

From the hazy fog of allergies and contemplating moving to the arctic circle I haven't had energy to work on much more than socks. I'm still working with the Deborah Norville sock yarn; this time I'm using the Aquamarine colorway. It sounds like such a girly color name, but my husband assures me the colors are masculine enough to please the recipient of these socks. (Of course I'm giving someone hand knit socks in June so they may not be focusing on color so much as wondering if I'm a few yarn balls short of a knitting bag.)

Usually as I get healthy after several weeks of not feeling well I have a major desire to start something new. As I was drooling over patterns this lovely yarn showed up in a box of birthday presents. I'm debating trying my hand at lace knitting and making Knitty's Omelet shawl. I think it will go perfectly with a dress I'm planning to wear to a wedding this fall.


  1. People who buy yarn for birthday presents are the best. :D

  2. beautiful birthday yarn! And the socks look very manly indeed. that move would be huge ! no wonder it has you feeling a bit in the fog. Lord bless you!

  3. Lovely new yarn! I hope it works up for you! :)