Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Ironing Board Cover

I've been looking at my ironing board cover with more and more disgust lately. In December when my husband was looking for ideas to get me for Christmas I suggested he pick up 2 yards of fabric so I could make a new cover. I have to brag that my husband not only went into a quilt shop by himself, but he picked out fabric with very little instructions from me about what I wanted. He's even started talking about learning how to quilt.

I read several tutorials for ironing board covers and then just kind of did my own thing so I'm afraid I can't really link back to anyone.

2 yards fabric
2 packages of binding or leftover binding from a quilt
if your current cover doesn't have a cord running through it you'll want a pack of cord

Lay your fabric out flat and lay your old ironing board cover on top to use as your pattern. I'll spare you a picture of the old cover. You can imagine from the stains on the back how gross the front is.

Cut around the old cover leaving about 3 inches of space. (As you can tell there's no need to be extremely precise.)

Attach the binding tape to the edge. Be sure to sew close to the edge of the tape and leave a channel to thread your cord through.

This is the cord that came with my old ironing board. If yours doesn't have this it's just a basic nylon cord (I'd guess there's about 4 yards here. The little blue-grey thing is used to hold the cord tight, but a square knot would be just as effective. 

Tie your cord to a safety pin and thread through the binding tape channel. Lay your new ironing board cover on your ironing board and pull tight. I like my ironing board to have lots of padding so I used the foam pad that came with my ironing board and then added a couple layers of cotton batting. There are heat proof battings, but since I had Warm and Natural on hand I just used that.

My new ironing board in all of it's glory. I love the fabric that my husband picked out for me and with the extra padding ironing isn't so hard on my wrist anymore.


  1. Well done, Kymberly! And a nice pat on the back to your hubby. He did a good job picking out the fabric too! :-)

  2. Great job! Mine desperately needs doing too! My hubby asked me what a fat eighth was the other day - I can only imagine he's googling stuff as my birthday is next month! I don't think he'd go into an actual fabric shop alone! :-)

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