Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Wreath

The past few years I've hung a wreath with two scarecrows on my door in October, they've stayed up until December when they've been replaced with snowmen which stay up until spring and then the door remains bare until October. I decided I wanted to do something for spring this year and after much internet searching I found this wreath.

I ran to Wal-mart to pick-up supplies only to find that they don't have green fun fur yarn. This weekend I was able to get to Ben Franklin's (think Hobby Lobby only smaller.) Sadly they didn't have any green fun fur yarn either. Since I didn't feel like driving an hour to visit the next closest craft store so I made do with what Ben Franklin's had.

Ben Franklin's has a rather large wall of yarn. Sadly most of it is Red Heart which I'm not a fan of, but for this project I figured it didn't matter too much.  I chose a skein of Light and Lofty in Green Gables. I used some applique pins at the start and finish to hold the yarn in place. After an hour of wrapping my wreath looked like this:

I really loved the ribbon flowers in the inspiration wreath, but the closest I came was a lace trim of butterflies. I found some purple silk flowers that would have worked well until I saw that they were 17.99 each! I like my door, but not that much. I settled for the cheap 99 cent bunches of flowers. After the frustrations of not finding what I wanted it was somewhat therapeutic to rip off all of those flower heads. I wasn't able to find pearl headed pins (I my not have been in the clearest state of mind by that point in time so I could easily have over looked them.) The head of the applique pins fit through the center of the flowers so I just pinned off center a bit. I struggled to let go of my perfection tendencies until I realized no one was going to get close enough to this wreath to notice.

To finish the wreath off I hot glued on some butterflies and hung it with some white ribbon I had on hand. (Word of caution: hot glue melts acrylic yarn so use it sparingly. I put the glue on the back of the butterflies so any melted yarn would be covered by their wings.) I may swap the ribbon out with something wider and colored, but for now this works. 

If you're wondering about the tissue paper, our apartment building has a walkway to the mailboxes directly in front of our door. We don't like people being able to look into our living room so we keep our windows covered. The first few years we used boring printer paper until I got the idea to cover them in seasonal tissue paper. It lets in a bit of light, looks cute and fun, but no one can see into our home.

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  1. Your wreath is lovely. It is really frustrating when we want to make something so badly but are not able to find the supplies or find it very expensive and have to settle for something that we have in hand, but when the result is wonderful everything else is forgotten.