Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sleeve update

My sweater is progressing fairly nicely. I'd guess my sleeve is about two thirds finished. Normally sleeves are my least favorite thing to do, but I've been liking this sleeve so much that I may just do the second sleeve right away. It's lovely to have something green in my life. I thought the world was getting close to going green when we got hit with another line of snowstorms yesterday. I love snow because it teaches us to appreciate the green of spring. I think I've had enough snow to appreciate the green though.

Part of the Yarn Along I'm joining up with asks what I'm reading. I have a 25 minutes drive each way to work so I listen to a lot of books on tape. Currently I'm listening to "The Longing" the third book in the Courtship of Nellie Fisher by Beverly Lewis. I don't like the reader as much as the one who did the first two books, but the story is interesting enough to keep me listening.

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  1. those sleeves are amazing! beautiful work. :)

  2. That's coming along nicely! I'm in awe of anyone who can knit like that, I only manage straight pieces...
    Thanks for visiting my blog on Friday by the way!