Friday, June 27, 2014

Farmer's Wife Friday 22

I'm so glad I saved these blocks for today. I decided to look at what blocks were next and there are Y seams in the next two blocks! I'm so tempted to either skip them or just quit. Unfortunately I love this quilt and have committed to doing all 111 blocks. I guess I'll have to suck it up and do it, but I want the record to show that I am not happy.

At least with these three blocks I didn't have any issues. I really love how impressive the Star Gardener block looks. This is another of those blocks I'm thinking about playing with in a larger size. Maybe doing one of those single block baby quilts.

#87 Star Gardener

Another really easy one was Evening Star. I love how much a white star pops on a black background.

#31 Evening Star

The last block in my trio is Ducks and Ducklings. I'm not completely sure what this block has to do with the letter it's attached to, but it's such a cute name (and block) I really don't care.

#28 Ducks and Ducklings

I was really excited to see that Quilt Story is featuring a Farmer's Wife quilt this week. Not only is it the quilt I'm working on, but Amber made it monochromatic with shades of red.



  1. These look great. I'd love to see the fw all in black and white :)

    1. Thank you. My plan is to make the whole quilt with black and white (and a couple greys since quite a few of the blocks don't work with only two colors.)