Friday, June 13, 2014

Farmer's Wife Friday 20

This week I owe a huge thank you to all of you who read my blog. Yesterday I didn't have any Farmer's Wife blocks finished. I was really tempted to just forget about it, but a little voice in my head kept asking what I was going to post on Friday if I didn't have my blocks done. I was ready for work and had an hour to spare (yes I wake up crazy early) so I decided to see what I could get done. I unpicked the black side of wild goose chase and redid the block. I'm seriously thinking of making up a paper pieced pattern for this block and seeing if I can get my geese to look a little less drunk, but for now it's okay.

#105 Wild Goose Chase

I also worked on Friendship. This block is one of the few blocks in the entire quilt that has to have 5 colors to work. I have a fat quarter of the very dark grey that is reserved for these blocks. I'm still a bit tempted to go get a little more of it and add it into some more blocks, but my other two greys are working well and I still have a lot of them left. This block also shows the importance of using pins and not sewing in a hurry. I had about 30 seconds left before it was time to put things away so I hurried to finish this block. 

#39 Friendship

I'm getting very close to my goal of 56 blocks by July 4th weekend. I'm starting to think that it might be a good idea to dedicate that weekend to reviewing the blocks and fixing the things that are still bugging me. Maybe now that I'm half way through this project I'll have the skills to do a better job on the blocks that have caused problems for me. (And time to do those little fixes like ripping out a seam and sewing it with pins.)



  1. You are making great progress with your FW. I know what you mean about fixing blocks. My Nearly Insane journey is at the same stage. Some just need to be be redone.

  2. Two really nice blocks - and you're right, the Friendship block would make a cool 100 Good Wishes quilt!

  3. Neat modern spin to the traditional Farmer's Wife blocks Great Job. I also love black & white.

  4. Well done on these! You've chosen well. I am stuck with mine but will finish it one day ... maybe :)

  5. I've posted before about the FWS that I've nearly finished and love how you are doing yours in black & white & grey. There is a FWS group on Yahoo. You have to ask to join, but there's no difficulty in getting in. Once you get to their home page, click on the tab that says Files. There you will find a folder for FWS Patterns. They are all PP patterns. Here's the link to the home page, but it may not take you there if you're not a member.

  6. Love the stark, graphic look of these blocks in the black, white a gray.

  7. Your B&W&G blocks are very sharp... blending the modern with the tradional... I love that!
    Congrats on being about halfway! I am still in the early twenties... but seeing other's progress, such as yours, is an inspiration!
    ( PS I use the yahoo group paper pieced patterns that Quilting Nonnie above told you about.

  8. You could rename it "Wonky Farmer's Wife", wonky is the trend these days...I think it's very cute as it is, seriously. Love the neutrals!