Monday, June 16, 2014

Blueberry Progress

I had hoped to share my Supernova blocks today. I've been waiting to show the blocks until I know my partner has gotten hers and since my block from her is in the mail (hopefully it will come today) I'm switching things up this week. I feel so much like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Even now my biggest problem with waiting for Christmas isn't the impatience to see what I got, but the excitement to show everyone what I got them. It's taken so much discipline not to share pics of my blocks until I know my partner has seen it first.

Friday my quilt guild had a workday starting at 1:00. I made arrangements with my boss to leave early and got to spend the afternoon and evening sewing. I just have to add borders and my pink quilt top will be finished. Sadly I forget how easy it is to zone out at these work days and put in eight hours of sewing with only a brief break to walk to the quilt shop and another break at super time. My back was so mad at me this weekend. I did a little sewing, but mostly the couch and I were very good friends. Since I couldn't work on quilting from the couch my knitting got some attention. This weekend I got past the waist decreases and am about half way done with this sweater back. I probably should have worked on the second sock for Father's Day, but I needed to switch it up a bit. I think when I finish this piece of the sweater I'll go back and make the second sock. Thankfully my daddy likes me and is willing to wait for hand knit socks.


  1. Oh, I love the color of that yarn! I'm on a blue kick recently and that's just beautiful! ;-)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm really loving this blue yarn too.

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