Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If you give a knitter a dust rag...

I had great plans for Labor Day weekend. I was going to finish Omelet, I was going to quilt Penguins, I might have even finished the binding on Penguins. Saturday I started working on the Penguin quilt and realized I didn't have enough batting so that required a quick run to town. As long as I was in town I figured I may as well check the second hand shop to see if I could find a cute outfit for the Des Moines Quilt Show in October. The moment I walked in the door I saw this beautiful sewing cabinet complete with a Singer sewing machine and matching chair. It was marked 60 dollars, but they were having a red, white, and blue sale. The clerk looked really hard and found some red and white on the seat so I got it for 45 dollars. Of course it also meant that I had to drive back into town in the afternoon with the husband (and explain to the husband why adding a sewing themed piece of furniture to our cramped apartment was absolutely necessary.) Saturday I got my Penguin quilt basted and a few rows on Omelet finished.

Sunday I did a little rearranging in our living room so that the sewing cabinet had a home and we could access our front door again. I did outline quilting on all of the penguins and fish and did about 10-15 rows on Omelet.

This brings us to the rabbit hole that was Monday. I wanted to clean one corner of our living room to make space for something the husband wanted to move in there. (After not getting too upset with me for buying the sewing cabinet he pretty much had carte blanche this weekend.) Of course from that corner I could see our printer table and that needed organizing, which led to the chair next to the printer, which required moving things to the bedroom where there was more mess to deal with. Six hours later I have two new bookcases in the living room (which looks amazing!) a clean hallway, and half-way clean bedroom. 

With all of this distraction Omelet still fared pretty well this weekend. I have two rows and the bind-off left. I wanted to stay up late finishing it last night, but I know it will be another hour or two before it's done and I have work today. Hopefully tonight I'll do the last bit of work and tomorrow can start the Christmas knitting.


  1. Omelet looks amazing... but how about a pic of your rescued machine??? Lots of work or will it be running soon??? Thanks for sharing your weekend! Kathi

  2. I'd like to see a picture of the sewing machine and cabinet.

  3. I loved making're going to adore the finished piece!!! yea! a FO!!!!! I was actually pretty exhausted reading about the weekend flurry at your house.....and thought......I sort of did the same thing (only mine was pretty much a cooking marathon and kitchen cleaning)...guess I'm tired for my own reasons! :)

  4. I tend to clean like that too, I think you have to be in the right "mood" for cleaning lol. Your Omelet looks lovely. One day I will have the patience to make one :)

  5. I too would love to see a picture of the sewing machine table! It sounds amazing! Your shawl looks great, I love watching it grow. :)

  6. So you could access your front door again? You're in good company. It took us two years to move a tray table with a plant on it four feet to be able to use our front door again!

    Beautiful knitting. I'm a sucker for yellow.