Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yarn Along

Tomorrow I finally get to share the quilt I've been working on this summer. Since I don't want to miss joining up with Tami Ami and Ginny I've decided to write my knitting post a day early. I'm almost finished with chart C of Omelet. It's really exciting to see something new coming off of my needles. This weekend I asked my husband to help me wind the second skein of yarn for this shawl. After we finished winding the requested skein he suggested we go ahead and wind ALL of my yarn.

We have a don't ask don't tell policy when it comes to my yarn and fabric (and his books) so I don't think he knew what he was getting into when he suggested we wind everything that was in skein form. He ran to the kitchen to get a drink and returned to find this waiting for him.

When we wind balls together I act as the swift and he gets to use the ball winder. He got major points half way through when he made the comment that if we had a swift he could wind my yarn without me. He also got big points for telling the difference between fingering and lace weight yarn. Three hours later and I now have 10 skeins happily waiting to go on the needles.

*For those who are curious I'm using the yellow yarn for Omelet and will make another shawl for someone for Christmas, the brown will be made into a hat for husband, the four dark blue skeins are going to become a cardigan, and I'm thinking the two light blue skeins will become mittens if I can find a good fingering weight pattern.


  1. Sounds like a productive day! Your omelet looks pretty so far.

  2. Your Omelet is stunning and I think you picked just the right yarn.
    My guys love to help wind yarn and turn my swift.

  3. aren't husbands useful ... mine was a little upset when I got a ball winder as that was "his job".

  4. love the pyramid of yarn! That is some beautiful shades you have there.

  5. That is such a pretty pattern- and all the beautiful yarn...have fun!

  6. Lucky you to have a husband who helps wind your yarn!

    I followed your link from Yarn Along -- how neat that you're a fellow Moda Chef. Isn't it absolute torture waiting until you can share a quilt?