Saturday, August 10, 2013

Introducing Writer's Block

In May my husband served as the night watchman at my guild's quilt show. He spent a lot of time walking and got to look at quilts and the vendors' stands. One of the vendors had pre-cuts of Moda's Comma. Every morning he would tell me about this fabric line and how much he liked it. Then he'd say the perfect husband thing...he liked it but I didn't need to buy it. I should buy whatever fabric I wanted. He pretty much guaranteed he was getting a Comma quilt with that phrase.

I wasn't able to go to the quilt show until Saturday. Since husband had been up the past three nights I let him stay home and sleep. When I came home I surprised him with a jelly roll and charm pack of Comma. As I talked about ideas for the fabric he suggested the name "Writer's Block" for the quilt. I love that my husband not only listens when I talk quilts with him, but offers valuable suggestions.

Once he suggseted "Writer's Block" I had a pretty good idea of how to make the blocks. I quickly got the fabrics sorted and sewn for the first step. I plan to make them a bit wonkier and then sew sashing around them so it feels more like the frustration that is writer's block.

Unfortunately I got distracted by another quilting project (I should be able to share more on that next Sunday) so these blocks have been languishing on my shelf. I'm hoping that by sharing this here I'll start focusing on this quilt again and might have it finished in time for Christmas.


  1. What a treasure your husband is, he definitely deserves this quilt :)

  2. I think your husband is a keeper!
    Does he have a brother??? ;)

  3. Beautiful blocks and a great husband story! Lucky two of you.