Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sneak Sock Attack

I've been making progress on the shawl, unfortunately half of it has been backwards progress. Haven't figured out why my stitch counts keep getting off (I have checked to see if my yarn overs slipped under my stitch markers, but sadly they weren't there.) Saturday night my husband brought home Cowboys and Aliens. It was a rather good movie, but after twenty minutes it became clear that I needed to pay more attention to it than my lace was letting me. Watching a movie with no knitting was just not going to happen. Since my yarn stash doubles as my footstool I was able to quickly grab a skein of sock yarn and cast on a simple sock. 

My parents are both pastors and celebrated 30 years of ministry Sunday. Their church invited the bishop to come speak and then held a potluck and a special program in the afternoon. I was so glad to have this sock with me. Mom and Dad moved to their current church after I'd already left for college, so I've never really gotten to know the members there. It's always nerve-wracking to be in a room full of strangers who all know you. Thankfully this sock proved to be the perfect ice-breaker. I met several ladies who were skilled at crochet and other needle crafts and this provided us a topic of conversation throughout the afternoon.

Basic Ribbed Sock; Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight: Surf

I have a tight yarn budget, so I usually choose complicated projects that take a long time to knit so I can get the most entertainment time out of my yarn. Normally this is a good thing, but sometimes I start to wonder if I'll every finish anything. I cast on this sock on Saturday evening and was weaving the toe three days later. Tonight I go back to the shawl so this little sock will be a loner for a while, but I think hope it will still be a few months before weather is cold enough for thick warm socks.

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  1. God bless your parents! 30 years of ministry is awesome. Your sock looks great. I love blue and green together.