Wednesday, July 3, 2013

One Purple Sleeve

After writing last week's post I went back to the pattern site to offer the purple monster's link. While I was there I found the picture that inspired me to make this sweater. I forgot how different it looks on a person instead of laying flat (unfortunately the printed pattern only has a picture of the sweater laying flat.) This is still the purple monster, but it's more like a one-eyed one-horned lovable purple monster rather than one that needs to be slayed with sharp items. Don't get me wrong, the thought of taking scissors to this sweater is still giving me great amounts of pleasure. The steeks are the place where my lack of love for this sweater is going to pay off. If it succeeds I'll have a cardigan. If it fails I'll have killed the purple monster. Either way it will be a win for me.

I'm about 1/4" away from casting off. I love that I worked on this sweater for months before getting sick of it and burying it in the knitting bag. It's possible that within 2-3 weeks of picking this thing back up it will be finished.

I debated just doing the sleeves in plain purple, but I sucked it up and kept the color work section. I'm hoping that with the four day weekend that's coming up I can get the second sleeve done before next week's Yarn Along.

Speaking of finished items, I finished the Dragonfly Wings shawl. 
Saturday's post has some more pictures of it and the link to the pattern. 

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  1. It's really beautiful! Love the colors and that pattern is amazing!