Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sock It to Me Week 4

My sister and I had a lot of fun on our girl's weekend and I found the sock to be the perfect knitting companion. It occurs to me that I never shared which sock yarn I decided to bring. I chose Spring Fling by Deborah Norville. (I also scored a good sale when we went to JoAnn's so I got three more pairs of this sock yarn over the weekend.)

If you're wondering what I carried in my tool "box" I brought a yarn needle, tape measure, scissors, sock pattern, and a stitch marker (which I lost early Sunday morning so I think next time I'll bring at least two stitch markers.)

I probably could have gotten further, but I was still working on the gusset when we started driving home. Unfortunately we left for home around four which meant I only had an hour of light left. I'm getting decent at stockinette stitch without looking, but I can't do a gusset without seeing the stitches I'm counting.

Since this sock was last weekend's project though I've had time to work on it during the past week.

I absolutely love the pattern that the yarn created in the pink and purple stripes. (The pink looks a little orange in the picture, but it really is pink.) I think that I'm going to have to consider more vanilla socks like this when using self-striping yarns. Now comes the real challenge to starting a sock before finishing the second sock for the cabled sock...deciding who gets a mate first.

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