Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sock it to Me Week 1

I've decided a way to keep myself accountable during my Year of Socks is to add a weekly section showing  how much (or little) I've accomplished on my sock. My hope was to have the first of my socks finished by this time, but our house has been hit by a nasty bug that has zapped my husband and I of most of our energy. That said, I did finish the leg of the sock and turned the heel. I'm still working on the gusset, but hopefully by this weekend I'll have finished the rest of it.

My husband has learned to judge my illness level based on how much crafting I'm doing. (He knows things are serious when I'm surrounded by projects and not working on any of them.) I'm been fortunate with this illness that my Falling Stars cardigan has reached the part where I do 13.5 inches of stockinette. When I first saw this I groaned at the thought of that much stockinette, especially since the sweater is knit in the round so there isn't even purls on the back to break up the monotony. When you've got the desire to work, but can't think beyond insert needle, wrap yarn, pull needle back, 13.5 inches of stockinette have become a blessing.
I put the sleeves on waste yarn last Tuesday (the purple marker in the middle shows where the 13.5 inches starts.) It's less than I'd like to have done by now, but it's better than nothing.

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