Friday, November 7, 2014

Vacation Projects

This past week my husband and I went out to Illinois for a few days to visit his parents. His mom is also a quilter and let me use her machine so I got a lot of work done. I brought my camera with the intention of blogging, but as usually happens on vacation the day was half over before I realized it was a normal blogging day. Surprisingly I really didn't take too much extra stuff (just don't ask my husband how much stuff isn't being counted in the "extra.")

I got the jelly roll quilt for the class I'm teaching tomorrow quilted. I still need to add the binding, but since the students were a bit confused by that step in the Intro to Quilting class I taught last month I think I might do the binding in class. Hopefully they'll let me take pictures of their quilts too and I can do a proper quilt teaching blog posting so I'm going to hold off on showing the picture of my quilt.

Most of the week I spent working on the Mystery Quilt I designed for my quilt guild this year. I'm working on the queen sized version of this quilt for my mom and got everything laid out. Since the guild is still on step four the most I can show you of that quilt is this picture. (If you're looking for a cheap way to sort out blocks I highly recommend getting a cheap pack of paper plates. I've used 16 fat different fat quarters for my pinwheels and the plates were a great way to keep the right pieces together. Since I already had the plates I'm also using them to keep the pieces for my blocks in the right spot.)

We have an 8 hour drive when we go visit my in laws, so I also had lots of car knitting time. I'm half way through the alpaca cowl. I was so disgusted when I reached for the second ball of yarn and realized that I forgot it at home. This cowl will definitely need some blocking before it's done, but I'm liking how it's turning out so far.

I also got a fair bit done on one of the socks I'm making for Christmas. Considering that I hadn't finished the ribbing for the cuff when we left I'd say I'm doing really good on this one too.

There still aren't any Farmer's Wife blocks to show. I'm seriously doubting if I'll have these done by the end of the year, but as my husband pointed out I'm the one who set the goal and I can change it whenever I want. There really isn't any reason that I need to kill myself trying to finish these blocks in time for a random goal I made up without knowing what I was getting myself into.


  1. Beautiful knitting the cowl and the socks are looking good. I agree with you husband change the goal. Have a great weekend.

  2. The farmers wife is very time consuming.