Friday, October 17, 2014

Modern Building Blocks

I'm afraid I don't have any Farmer's Wife blocks to share this week, but I want to get back to my regular schedule of posting so I'm going to share my next "slow stitching" project. I know this term has probably been around for a while, but yesterday I found a copy of Quilty at one of my local stores and they had a great article about slow stitching. I like having some faster projects that let me feel like I'm accomplishing something and meet timeline goals I set for myself. I also really enjoy having long-term projects that focus on building skills. This year that project has been my Farmer's Wife quilt. I'd started thinking about what I wanted to do next year and was debating Dear Jane, but wasn't sure I wanted to commit to another big traditional sampler. 

When I saw the first glimpse of the Modern Building Blocks I knew I had to make that quilt. A few weeks ago Quilter's Square had a sale on pre-ordered kits so I took the plunge. I think this is going to be a great motivator to finish the last 30 FW blocks since I'm really excited to start the MBB quilt.

At one of my guild's work nights I finally admitted that I'm not a fan of batiks. I know that there are countless numbers of beautiful quilts that are made from batiks (believe me the quilts the members of my guild make from batiks are stunning.) I compare it to an art museum though. There are hundreds of paintings that are amazing, but you wouldn't want all of them in your home. Likewise batiks just aren't my style right now (which is okay because solids aren't most of my guild's style.) I'm hoping that when they see this quilt some of them might be tempted to use more solids in their quilts. Just look at all of these yummy colors!


  1. Indeed the colours of the solids are stunning and look beautiful together.

  2. I just got the pattern in the mail today. I have lots of solids in my stash and I can't wait to get started.