Friday, October 24, 2014

Farmer's Wife 31

I had to look back to see what number post this is and was startled to see that my last Farmer's Wife post was September 25. Oy. I'm so glad that most of the crops here are out of the fields so hopefully the dust will be settling soon. It's dangerous to announce, but I love winter. The allergens are mostly dead, I get to drink hot cocoa, and I get to wrap myself and my loved ones in all of my knit and quilt lovelies. It also means I want to spend less time outside and more time working on my quilts so it shouldn't be too long before I'm caught up with my Farmer's Wife blocks.

#4 Basket Weave

#44 Gentleman's Fancy



  1. Cool idea to make the Farmers Wife quilt in black, white and gray fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. They are looking good. I am a fan of the cooler weather too I seem to get a lot more done, although it doesn't suit my husband.