Friday, November 29, 2013

2013-14 Mystery Quilt Step 3

Sorry for the recent absence. I'm not really sure what bug hit our house, but it was not a nice one. Thankfully health has slowly been working it's way back in among us. 

Step 3 for the mystery quilt along is a very easy one. Take the 2" strips you cut in step 1 and strip piece them.  After you press you should have 5 sets that look something like this.

Next cut your strip sets into 3.5" blocks.

I told you step 3 was an easy one. Unfortunately the illness that hit our house prevented me from getting to the meeting where step 4 was handed out so this quilt might be headed for a little bit of a break. Probably a good thing since there are quilted Christmas projects that need some love.


  1. Glad you are feeling better :) I have wanted to do a mystery but wish I could see the finished project FIRST! lol Guess that isn't how it is supposed to work... but I could do all the little stuff if I knew I would like the end result... thanks for sharing your guilds mystery. Thanks for taking time to blog... can't wait to see your Christmas project you are working on! Kathi

    1. The organizers of the mystery challenge gave me the link they got the pattern from so I could give credit. (I linked to it in step 1's post.) It's been such a challenge not to peak at what we're making. Even worse has been that my husband peaked and keeps taunting me that he knows what I'm making. At least he says that the finished quilt looks really good.