Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Door

I was at my local library when I found a Halloween magazine from last year. On the cover of Women's World was this super cute candy corn wreath. Since I've never been one to worry about what's "in style" I decided to ignore the fact that the magazine was from two years ago and make the wreath anyway.

I used a styrafoam wreath, black duct tape, hot glue, 2 bags of candy corn, and black ribbon. Unfortunately I was so excited about this project I forgot to take pictures of the wreath in the making. For this wreath I used a rounded form, but I think if I make this again I'll use a wreath that is flat on the top. I laid out one stripe of candy across the wreath, then I worked in quarter sections of the wreath and laid out rows based on my first stripe. (This is where a flat wreath would have been better. Had my candies stayed where I left them I would have laid out the sections of this wreath and then gone back and glued it down.) The candies didn't line up perfectly so I made sure to tie my ribbon over the seam. I attached the candy on the top and sides and left the back of the wreath empty so that it would sit flat against the door.

We live in a first floor apartment and the front door opens straight into our living room so privacy was a big issue with this door. Many of our neighbors cover their windows with sheets of paper, but my crafty side said that I could do better. I made a frame out of card stock and covered it with candy corn tissue paper. It felt like it was still lacking something so I used black tissue paper to spell the word BOO! Our apartment building isn't very attractive so you'll have to take my word on this, but at night the letters look like stained glass. It's a very cheap and cute solution to privacy.

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  1. What a super cute wreath... you are clever!