Thursday, June 14, 2018

Caramel Apples Quilt Blocks 3 and 4

I was packing my bag this morning for my Sew Social group and realized that I never posted about my progress on the Caramel Apples Quilt for the past two months. In month 3 we made this star block as our main block. I decided to simplify it a little bit and used the same fabric for on the outside, the same green for the entire star, and just made the center pinwheel in white. It's a lot simpler than the original block, but since I have so many busy blocks in this quilt it will be good to have a few simple ones where the eye can rest.

The first bonus block was this basket. I'm so excited to use some of the precious fabrics that I've been saving for a special project on this quilt. I've thought of tossing this piece of blue hydrangeas so many times, but couldn't part with the last of my Bluebird Park, and I had hydrangeas in my wedding bouquet so it's extra special.

The green blocks were the last bonus blocks of month 3. I actually had these strips already pieced and left over from another quilt so it's perfect that they've finally found a home. (I thought the blue and grey checks were from month 4, but they're actually one of the bonus blocks from month 2 so just ignore them.)

The first block for month 4 I got to use some more of my Tula Pink birds, and some pink hound tooth by Michael Miller that I've been hording stashing for years. This block is so bright, and I absolutely love it!

The bonus blocks were these adorable shoo fly blocks and these little arrows where I got to play with more of my pink houndstooth fabric. I swapped the color and white blocks in my shoo fly blocks because I was running really short on white fabric. I'm enjoying the challenges I've been encountering with using up my scraps in this quilt and getting to use up some of the scraps of old favorite that have been hiding out for way too long.

I planned to do a layout of the blocks at the end of month 3 since I'm a quarter of the way through, but since I failed to do that here's my quilt a third of the way finished.

This quilt is very scrappy and uses A LOT of colors (at least a lot for me.) I'm trying to keep things somewhat organized and balanced so I traced the pattern and created my own coloring page. This is a great way to keep track of the colors that I've used so far and get an idea of what colors to use next. I'm choosing the colors month by month, but it's really helping me to keep things organized when I can see how the blocks will play with each other.

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