Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Wallet's Nightmare

Yesterday my wallet had a nightmare. Five hours in one quilt store. No class and only minimal distractions of this quilter's attention by a computerized longarm. The only bright spot in my wallet's nightmare is that Quilter's Headquarters in Sioux Falls is a small store that specializes in basics and blenders. I'm working at finishing up projects right now so I don't need any of these fabrics at the moment. This fall when I have to purchase yards of background fabric my wallet can breath a little easier knowing that all of their fabric is $8.00 a yard with a one yard minimum cut.

Of course five hours in a quilt store did result in some purchases. My guild has been trying to get us into hand-turned applique. I've never found an applique pattern that really speaks to me until Saturday. My husband's favorite flower is the daffodil and we need to take down the snowman wall hanging. I fell in love with this pattern and found some great fabrics to work with.

They're in the process of changing thread lines so the spool of thread was half price. Did you know that new spools of thread come individually packaged in boxes with little holes for breathing? So adorable.


  1. So cute! Enjoy the appliqué!

  2. Some lovely looking fabrics, hope all goes well with applique. The pattern looks delightful, perfect for the season.

  3. I have never tried hand turned applique...Have fun and can't wait to see how it goes!

  4. Hehe, thread in boxes with holes. It sounds like you're bringing home a guinea pig or hamster. I too would like to try some needle turned applique. I know Carolyn Friedlander has some patterns that speak to me, but are considerably different than the lovely daffodils that you've chosen. Let the snowman melt away to spring flowers!

  5. That's a really pretty pattern and fabrics!