Friday, July 4, 2014

Farmer's Wife Friday 22

Happy July 4th to all of my fellow Americans. Five years ago my brother-in-law had just graduated from his masters program and started a new job. He asked that my husband and I wait until July to get married. We looked at the calendar and saw that July 4th fell on a Saturday that year. Since most of our guests were travelling from out of town getting married on a holiday made perfect sense. I can't believe all of that happened five years ago. Even more amazing is that I've gotten to be the wife of this amazing man for the past five years.

On to this week's Farmer's Wife blocks. I try to avoid swearing, but sometimes it's just necessary. Since it feels weird using traditional swear words I tend to invent my own. In honor of Y seams the swear word of the week has been Yak. I went to a quilt show last weekend that had a few antique quilts. I was amazed how many of the quilts from the early 1900s used Y seams on blocks that we now make with extra pieces.

The first block is definitely a Yak block. I used the templates, measured my seams, and things still don't line up. I know I probably should fix mistakes as I go, but after four and a half hours working on these blocks I was happy enough to have something that resembled the picture. 

#37 Flowerpot

Since I haven't had a lot of success getting blocks to be the right size when I use the templates I decided to make this block with half square triangles. The 1" HSTs do make the black bars a little wonkier, but I think when it's in the quilt it won't show as much.

#43 Garden Path

I love how my last block this week came turned out.  The top corner does have a little extra fabric, but it's the right size and my points all look pretty good.

#47 Homemaker



  1. Happy 4th July and wedding anniversary, wishing you a wonderful celebration.

  2. Hapy anniversary and holiday! Why does it seem so ..., when you take all the precautions to cut the fabric the right size/way, sew with an exact quarter seam and your block is still not the right size. I can use Thangles and sew and cut on the lines and they turn up the wrong size. Maybe I just try to hard. Think my WFS quilt is at a stand still because of it. Need to get back at it. Thanks for your inspiration. From northern Iowa. . . .