Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fingerless Gloves

My Christmas projects are at a point right now that I'm very comfortable. (I'm not even sweating the fact that we're getting together with my parents and sister on the 23rd rather than the New Year's gathering I was hoping for.) Unfortunately everything is so close to being finished I can't share pictures of it. Earlier this month I got together with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday. Since I couldn't take the projects I was working on and wasn't going to I decided to cast on these Fingerless Gloves I've been drooling over. I'm using some more Imagination yarn from Knit Picks, this time in the Looking Glass colorway. I will admit that I messed up the cable pattern and had to rip back to restart, but it's such a fast thing that the ripping wasn't really that painful. I probably would have let the mistake stand if I could have figured out what I did so I could duplicate it for it's mate. Hopefully these will be finished by New Year's and then I can turn my attention back to the Green Sweater.

Since Ginny always asks what we're reading when she posts her Yarn Along I've decided to share a picture of the books that arrived in our house last week. I've loved the Cotton Patch Gospel musical for years. If you've never heard of it, Clarence Jordan writes a modern retelling of the New Testament set in rural Georgia. The musical follows the life of Christ, but the books go through most of the New Testament. (Unfortunately Clarence passed away before completing the project.) Some of it is a little dated if you aren't a baptist cotton farmer living in rural Georgia, but it's still a great way to look at the Bible.  I also love the picture created when you lay out all of the books.

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